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There is a context where establishing the right cymbal mix is critical. Acoustic-driven music is where your cymbals illuminate the stage, calling attention to how you color the band’s sound. We crafted a few stick models to perform with a high level of nuance and control for these settings, and we call them Big Apple Drumsticks

These sticks acknowledge a time when music relied heavily on frequency balance and dynamics from the drums and cymbals. Here’s how:

The Big Apple series is divided into two subcategories—Big Apple Bop and Big Apple Swing—with a few key differences that each underline a specific touch.

Big Apple Bop sticks are easily identified by their extra-long taper and oversized acorn wood tip. When you combine it with the thinner overall body of the stick, you get plenty of definition with a big sound and quick bounce. Great for up-tempo ride patterns where you need to cut with agility and full tonal response.

Big Apple Swing sticks are the reverse of our Bop models to draw out a specific tone and feel on cymbals. They feature an undersized acorn wood tip that yields a controlled articulation for maximum clarity while allowing cymbals to breathe without overdriving. Great for light sounds. Combined with a medium-long taper, our Big Apple Swing sticks are perfect if you want to play with a full stick motion in quieter settings without your cymbals washing out.

Both categories are available in U.S. Hickory or North American Hard Maple, with maple being lighter in weight. Big Apple Bop sticks are available in size 7A, and Big Apple Swing comes in 7A and 5B. 

They are well-balanced for a variety of styles in acoustic or soft settings. Having a pair of both Big Apple Bop and Big Apple Swing sticks will leave you prepared for any room or mood.

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