Tip Comparison

The tip of the drumstick is one of the most important aspects in creating your sound on drums but especially on cymbals. 

We have chosen the most popular tips used by drummers today as well as creating a unique one of our own. Find the tip you need to define your perfect sound in the comparison. 

Acorn Tip

The Classic acorn tip shape produces full tonal response on cymbals and drums with clarity and articulation.

All Acorn Tip Drumsticks

Big Acorn Tip

The oversized acorn tip delivers full tonality on drums and woody stick definition on cymbals.

All Big Acorn Tip Drumsticks

Small Acorn Tip

The undersized acorn tip yields a sweet articulation on cymbals for maximum clarity while allowing them to breathe.

All Small Acorn Tip Drumsticks

Hybrid Tip

The unique tip starts as an acorn shape, which is trimmed down to the classic barrel size for a hybrid design that produces a dark and smooth articulation on cymbals.

All Hybrid Tip Drumsticks

Round Tip

The round tip is easy to control and responds consistently on all playing surfaces.

All Round Tip Drumsticks

Barrel Tip

The barrel tip produces woody stick definition with less mid-range overtones on cymbals than traditional round ball tip designs.

All Barrel Tip Drumsticks

Oval Tip

The oval shape wood tip brings out a full sound on drums and cymbals, and it’s perfect for definition along with a supportive wash that is present through all dynamics without taking over.

All Oval Tip Drumsticks

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