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Feel or volume—the ultimate decision?

Transfer to your instrument is the most important element of practice. Drums are physical—you need a proper foundation of mechanics in your woodshedding to serve your playing. And that relies heavily on rebound.

We're talking about a practice pad carefully designed to give you that tinge of "oh, this actually feels like my snare" without your sticks bouncing uncontrollably or convincing your neighbors sense of hearing that you're drumming on a wooden desktop. In a lot of cases it's one or the other. You either go for a soft pad for quieter practice and muscle building or stick with the desktop sound of a harder pad surface.

But your practice routine is too important to compromise on one side or the other—and what about the transfer to a drum set?

Your muscles need accurate training

What you practice is what you play, and having a practice rebound surface that reacts like a drum is crucial to performing the way you want to. The Meinl Stick & Brush Practice Pad engages your muscles the same way a medium tension set of drums would.

Its volume level is loud enough to let you hear every note (listening is key) while not broadcasting your session to everyone within earshot.

A happy medium

With a medium head tension feel, volume that trains your ears without stepping over the decibel line and a solid build, the Meinl Stick & Brush Practice Pad is for intense training, efficient warm ups, casual doubles while watching TV or getting your ideas in order.

Realistic feel with a natural stick tone

Our 6.5 mm thick rubber pad surface was developed for slight give and a medium-soft bounce. It's enough to kick your stick back if you let it (great for practicing finger control) while giving you a realistic drum head feel.

The great thing about our medium-soft rubber and body construction is that your stick's natural wood tone is maintained so it's not all rubbery or clicky sounding.

Two mounting options

The 12" practice pad fits in any snare basket stand so you can practice with the right height and angle for you.

Both, the 6" and 12" pad, feature a solid 18.5 mm MDF base which balances the pad on your stand and gives you a strong, durable area to secure your stand's arms to the pad.

Underneath these pads is an 8 mm threaded connection so you can easily mount them on any stand that has an 8 mm threaded post (like a cymbal stand). Simply spin the pad to the right on your stand until it is locked in place.

Practice on flat surfaces

On the underside of the 18.5 mm thick MDF composite is a thin 2 mm layer of soft foam padding so you can play the Meinl Stick & Brush Practice Pad virtually anywhere.

From a desk, counter top or table to placing it directly on your snare for a fast warm up, you can play this pad without it sliding away or creating unwanted vibrations.

Our durable foam underside also saves both the pad and whatever surface its on from scratching.

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