We receive several endorsement requests everyday and we find that in most cases the applicants do not really understand why we endorse an artist. 
Before you complete the application, we would like to help you to understand the philosophy behind our endorsement program.

Endorsement means that an artist fully commits to Meinl Stick & Brush. In other words, Meinl Stick & Brush products are the best and only ones that the artist want to play or use. 
From a business standpoint, we endorse an artist because he/she is popular enough to influence many consumers. Basically, so that the buying public will be influenced to buy more of our instruments.

In such a deal each party will benefit from something

  • The artist receives professional equipment that he/she believes is the best in supporting or representing his/her musical voice.
  • The manufacturer receives more sales due to the amount of exposure and drum fans the artist influences.

Here are some of the considerations for most endorsements

  • Significant number of CD sales
  • Television, Studio, Movie and Video credits
  • Participation in high visibility tours
  • Significant teaching credentials
  • Excessive amount of hits on Social Media Websites
  • Other endorsements
  • Major influence on drummers in a specific genre of music

In addition to these points, we look a little bit more into each artist


An artist‘s popularity is essential. How much will that particular artist influence the buying public?

Meinl player

Does the applicant already play with Meinl Stick & Brush products? We prefer signing artists who have already chosen to play with Meinl Stick & Brush items to represent the tools to make their music.


Each and every artist has their own personality. We work extremely hard and professional and expect that attitude from our artists as well.


We believe in the quality of the many talents we have on our roster. We stand behind our artists and their abilities

How one get an endorsement from Meinl Stick & Brush

Now you have a little more of an idea what we are looking for and you can better determine whether you fit into that description. If you feel you do meet the criteria, please download our Endorsement Application Form below.

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