Hybrid Drumsticks

At Meinl, we talk about being drummers ourselves which keeps us connected to the instrument. Hybrid drumstick models are the result of us as drummers at Meinl working together to create something that is not just another classic-style stick line but a new and unique product.

Since its launch in June 2018 the Hybrid models have grown in popularity in the drumming community worldwide and have become the choice of many drummers from professionals to beginners.

As of today, there are models in the most common sizes available – 7A, 8A, 5A, 9A and 5B. A brief overview about which drumstick size fits perfect for which kind of playing can be found here.


We use both American Hickory and North American Hard Maple for Hybrid models. American Hickory offers durability and strength due to its long grain structure and is for all-around use with a wide weight range varying from light to heavy.

In comparison to Hickory, Maple is less durable when used for heavy playing and repetative rimshots, but it is remarkably lighter which expresses itself in the feel and touch for the drummer as well as greater control in situations like low volume gigs.


Did you know that the Hybrid models feature a two-step taper? Most drumsticks feature a single taper from the shaft diameter to the thinner diameter at the neck. The 2 step process allows us to create a stick with greater response and more versatility.

The first taper is long and gradual which gives the stick more natural rebound. The second taper is short and reaches the neck diameter quickly. This equips the player with more forward weight and a heavy feel when desired.

These two tapers work together to create a very balanced stick overall, but players say the different tapers help them to get more out of their sticks when needed whether that is laying back for smooth, easy rebound or leaning in for quicker punch and attack.


The heart of the Hybrid drumsticks is their uniquely shaped tip – our so called “Hybrid“ tip. It combines two very popular tip shapes: acorn and barrel.

Taking a closer look at the shape – imagine shaving down a traditional acorn tip to the length of a barrel tip and removing the point at the end – you get the shape of a Hybrid tip. This provides the player with beautiful articulation and dark tonality combined.


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