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Meinl Stick & Brush

standard long 7a

The Standard Long 7A is equipped with an extra half inch of length, like our other Standard Long sticks, but has the same diameter, tip and taper as our Standard models. With a total length of 16.5” and a 0.535" diameter grip, this stick will feel light and fast in your hands with plenty of reach.

The classic acorn tip produces a full tonal response on cymbals and drums with clarity and articulation. It is proudly made in Germany using medium weighted American Hickory.

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Meinl Stick & Brush offers the essential tools that drummers and percussionists need mixed with some unique and new ideas too. But don't worry, our assortment is not overloaded with redundant choices.

From a clear and focused drumstick lineup to unique options for multi-rods, brushes, and mallets, we believe all drummers and percussionists will find something to inspire them to play new grooves and more music.

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