Drumstick wood types

Every drummer has various requirements for their drumsticks. So naturally, choosing the right drumstick for your specific needs is important. As a way to give people more options while maintaining a focused and clear selection, we decided to offer some of our sticks in two different wood species, also known as types of wood.

If you have checked out our line, you might already be familiar with the two wood types we use:

American Hickory

Hard Maple

So why would Meinl offer the same stick in two different types of wood?

It is all about the two most important aspects of a stick, the sound and the feel!

To help you decide which wood might be right for how you like to play, below is a list of characteristics for both hickory and maple.



American hickory is a very hard wood, which produces a very durable drumstick. Compared to other wood types, hickory is very resilient, so the chance of it breaking mid groove is very low.

The strength is due to the long-grained structure of the wood, and this characteristic has led hickory to become the most popular wood choice for modern drumsticks.

Since hickory is so strong, it is also used for other products like tool handles, sports equipment, and bows.

Once the wood is carefully dried, it keeps almost 100% of its shape.

Our American hickory comes from the Appalachian region, one of the only places in the world to find this special wood.

Hickory itself is a dull wood with a high density, but it’s possible to produce both lightweight sticks and heavy sticks.

In short:

  • very durable, highly resilient
  • most used wood for drumsticks
  • keeps the shape almost 100%
  • range of light to heavy weights


Our hard maple comes from Canada and North America, where it is most commonly found.

Hard maple is a bit less durable compared to American Hickory for sticks, but for drummers that prefer a lighter weight and feel, it proves to be plenty durable.

In addition to its lighter weight, this wood also provides a much warmer and lighter sound from the cymbals.

Since hard maple is more delicate than hickory, it is the perfect solution for those desiring less weight in their sticks without sacrificing the diameter, such as our Big Apple Swing 5B model. 

Hard maple is also long-grained, but its wood grain is almost invisible. The natural color of this wood type is sometimes called white, as maple is one of the brightest woods.

In short:

  • hard and durable but not heavy
  • produces a warm cymbal sound
  • provides light feel in the hand
  • lightweight with normal diameter

As you can see, each wood type has its own unique characteristics which create different sounds and playing feels.

Between the various models we offer and the two different wood types, we have almost anything a drummer could ask for. Contact your favorite authorized dealer and try our sticks to find out which Stick & Brush model will best fit your needs!

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