The Drum Tech Multi-Tool

Pocket sized drum tech

Security blanket

Sometimes it's just knowing you're prepared

If you need to use every tool in this unit within the first 6 months
of owning it, it's time for a new kit.

Hardware. We all know it and secretly love it as much as drums
and cymbals. It could be anything from getting the perfect
arrangement to installing new lugs, if you're anywhere close to
serious about playing, you've been groomed into a decent


But it's not only from kit repair experience. Part of the fun of drumming is tweaking your setup to the "inth" degree.

Both of these areas add up to a lot of expertise, but how practical
are your skills with hardware when you don't always have the
right tools by your side?

A race car pit crew

Like your kick pedal disintegrating, worst case scenarios don't happen every night—but when they do, you need to be able to jump into motion FAST. And sometimes you need more than a drum key to fix your problem.

Desert island tool

The Meinl Drum Tech Multi-Tool is the all-in-one rescue kit that can see you through just about any five-alarm problem or routine maintenance on the road, in the studio or practice room.



Going beyond the drum key, we've carefully selected tools that can go into tight spaces around the kit to fix both common and unusual issues. The best part? It's smaller than your phone and clips to your belt.

Tighten down

Tension rods aren't the only pieces that can come loose over time.

The average kit has a lot of moving parts with
different screw types and sizes holding  everything together.

In addition to a drum key, we included a common size 7 mm socket wrench, Philips and flathead screwdrivers, plus five hex drivers (2, 2.5, 3, 4, and 5 mm sizes) to tighten down any loose piece.

Go there

Need to tighten or remove a screw at a 45-degree angle? No problem. The tools angle in any direction, so you can make fixes in hard-to-reach spaces.

The size is intentionally compact to ensure you can squeeze into areas that an everyday tool from the garage wouldn't be able to reach or grip properly.

Easy to handle, hard to lose

The Drum Tech Multi-Tool is small, lightweight
and easy to handle. The size fits great in your
hand, making it effortless to tighten down screws and tension rods with enough torque to keep them securely in place.

A carabiner clip allows you to attach to your belt loop or key ring so you always have the right tools at your side.

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