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Diego Galé Biography

Grammy Nominated producer, composer and instrumentalist Diego Galé has devoted his artistic life to the knowledge of Afro-Cuban music in order to integrate it his own special way of creating music with flavor.

His career dates back many years ago when as a child in Medellin, Colombia, his parents discovered his artistic skills. "When I was growing up in Cartagena, I was constantly being influenced by the sounds coming from the Caribbean¨ says Diego. Diego started playing with his dad Jaime Gale who is a well-known bolero interpreter, and then he continued playing with important groups of Caribbean rhythms like Wanda Kenya and Fruko y sus Tesos.

After attending the University of Miami Diego went back to Colombia to work with Jairo Varela and Grupo Niche and in 1989 he created “The Gale Group” making it one of the most successful Colombian groups.

As a producer he has produced albums for Maelo Ruiz, Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz, Tito Nieves, Tony Vega, Andy Montanez, David Pabon, Ismael Miranda, Luisito Carrion, Willie Gonzalez, Alex de Castro, Jerry Galante, Colombia All Star, Quinto Mayor, Sonora Carousels , Latin Brother, Juan Carlos Coronel, Tito Gomez, Gabino Pampini, Santiago Ceron, Junior Gonzalez, Frankie Negron, Marlon and Melany Ruiz, Yan Collazo, Oswaldo Roman, and Pedro Arroyo.

As a musician and percussionist, Diego has collaborated with Luis Enrique, DLG, Marc Anthony, Olga Tanon, Julio Voltio, Yuri Buenaventura, Los Titanes, Grupo Niche, Fruko y sus Tesos, Alejandro Fernández, N'Klabe, Victor Manuelle, India, Sergio George, Cheo Feliciano, Oscar D'Leon, Celia Cruz, and the Fania All Stars, both in recordings and in concerts worldwide.

In addition Diego has produced two instructional DVD’s entitled "Percusivo", which have been a total success.
Diego uses Professional Timbales, Marathon Congas and Bongos.

Country: United States

Band: Grupo Gale


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