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Jack Maitra Biography

Drummer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Jack Maitra has been ensconced in the world of music ever since his beginnings as a hired gun in the thriving Chicago music scene. Owing to his parents’ eclectic tastes in music, Jack was raised on everything from Radiohead to Earth, Wind, and Fire to Joni Mitchell, thereby gaining a refreshing perspective on a broad spectrum of genres while developing his own inimitable sense of style and groove. Upon moving to Los Angeles to pursue a degree at USC’s prestigious Thornton School of Music, Jack has been fortunate enough to perform at legendary venues such as the Peppermint Club and House of Blues with rising artists Kyle Lux and Ella Collier while studying under industry titans such as Patrice Rushen and Will Kennedy. Alongside a steady diet of live shows and arranging for a live setting, Jack has also succeeded in building a sizeable social media presence, accruing a substantial following through his series of “quirky beats” and covers on Instagram.

Country: United States

Band: Kyle Lux


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