The Siros Vaziri Signature Drumstick is a front-heavy, balanced hybrid tip stick that mixes power with control and articulation.


"I wanted to develop a stick that lets me play loud with minimal effort, while also keeping a soft and articulate cymbal sound. Meinl Stick & Brush really nailed it -this is without a doubt the best feeling stick I've ever held in my hands. The extra length and short taper give it a front-heavy feel, which lets me hit hard without actually doing much. It's like a long hammer with extra weight at the top - you barely have to swing it and you still get a ton of force from it. The hybrid tip is the PERFECT contrast to that front-heavy feel. It makes the ride, hihat and ghost notes softer and more articulate. Fast or slow, loud or quiet -this stick is just perfectly balanced to give you what you need in any situation. It almost feels like it plays itself, and it can take a beating too. LOVE IT!"

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